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Here, at The Eye Studio, we are extremely passionate about Eyewear. We choose our frame selection with the same excitement that our customers have in choosing theirs.


From pretty to practical, we have you covered. There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing frames. For example, your prescription, face shape, nose bridge size, ear height and length, skin overtones and undertones…. we will do all that for you.


One of the many advantages of buying from an independent optician such as us is that we can source your perfect pair of spectacles if we don’t have them in store. We won’t just give you what we have, we will give you what you need.


Choosing the right frame can be very stressful. Below are some of our FAQ

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One size fits all?

I like Brand Logos!

original (1).jpg

I don't want to be flashy.

original (2).jpg

I don't know what I like!

Different people have different needs. We know how important to your vision and comfort it is to have a properly fitted spectacle.


From selecting to collecting your glasses, we make sure you enjoy the most comfortable fit possible.

Not a problem, we have some great brands with their logos visible on the side.

Again, not a problem, we also have some great brands where their logos aren't visible. 

Don't worry, we'll find you a set that fits and suits. You won't be rushed or hurried, you can take pictures and get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th opinions! 

When buying from us, you can rest assured that it will look great, fit properly, and be of great quality.

Some of our favourite brands!

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